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Thread: Help Fully Bricked wii

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    Help Fully Bricked wii

    Hello people please HELP ME i lent my wii out to a family member and iv got it back fully bricked i tried to fix with nandformatter 2.0 with what i thought was my Keys.bin but turns out it was my mates and now i cos iv totally formatted my nand i can't get a back up for my keys.bin and can't find it on my computer any where so can only think iv deleted mine thinking it was my mates so am i now totally screwed? or is there a way i can bring my Wii back to life ?

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    MAU could you help??

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    MAU could you help??
    Please wait the mandatory 24 hours , before bumping/ double posting your thread.

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    Help Fully Bricked wii

    Is it a Boot2 Wii? If not then I hate to say that your totally out of luck.

    Running NAND Formatter totally removed every IOS and the System Menu and left you with a Low Level Brick. The only way to recover from that is A. BootMii via Boot2 or B. having your NAND flashed with a back up from your Wii or creating new NAND using your keys.

    Edit: also, your keys are not required to run NAND Formatter. Only a setting.txt file from your Wii or one you create for it. Running that app should only be taken as a last resort. Not a first. Your finding out the hard way why.

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    yes it has boot2 wii

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    Just load bootmii and make a new nand backup
    Use ohneswanzeneger to format the nand.bin file, then install 4.3 (u/e) with ohneswanzeneger.
    Load bootmii and restore the nand.bin, the wii should work fine.
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