I want to give a thanks to Bliepo, for the help with my windows 8, HDD lock problem.

Although it didn't work, I was able to go around it by using my Original xbox, by locking and unlocking the drive, with the "Linux" Disk.

Then I formatted the drive to NTFS, using Easeus with my windows XP...if you have a sata drive , you will need to purchase a sata to ide...This is only if , your system doesn't support sata.

"I then put my 1TB hdd back into my other computer (WIN8), then I put in the Homemade Recovery Disk into the dvd drive from My Computer.

Now you will need to do the following...
Warning!!This has "NOT" been Tested By "Staff", Use at your own Risks
  • Select Trouble Shooting.Type Everything in CAPS.
  • Select CMD, Command Prompt.
  • Now , type in uppercase....DISKPART
  • Next type in , LIST DISK.
  • Choose the DISK, by typing, SELECT DISK 0, or whatever your Disk is , that you are trying to fix.
  • Now type in , LIST PARTITION
  • All you have to do here is, type in DELETE PARTITION.
  • Now Exit out of the CMD (Command Prompt)
  • Go back to, RESTORE IMAGE!!
  • You will be prompted to put the "First Back -Up Image" in , and so on.
  • This will only work , if you have the full backups to your computer (WIN8)
  • This has not been tested by anybody , other then me,Use at your own risks

Thank You Either way "Bliepo", I appreciate the "EFFORT"

Thank You!!