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Thread: Animal Crossing GeckoOS disconnect

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    Animal Crossing GeckoOS disconnect

    Hello, I've been having a problem with Animal Crossing. I tried the Pick up neighbor's items, which I know would work online but I heard the code makes it so you auto disconnect from Wi-Fi. If anyone has that code but doesn't disconnect, I'd want it. My friend also wants to see it work before he gets HomeBrew Channel. Thanks. Edit: Oh, and I know it works in my town, just not online. Thanks.
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    it should work, only WTF codes sign you out, like the time one will sign you out

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    The move furniture code disconnects me. I mean, is there a move furniture that won't disconnect me?

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    uhh i dont think so if its something thats REALLY ODD and you shouldnt be doing it it will D/C you

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    Well, I think the guy who made the original code made it so it d/c you, but someone got a code that doesn't.


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