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Thread: Step by step guide to update your r4i gold 3ds for 3ds V6.2.0-12

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    Step by step guide to update your r4i gold 3ds for 3ds V6.2.0-12

    If you updated your 3ds console to the latest 3DS V6.2.0-12 before you update the r4i gold 3ds card, your r4i gold won't work on the latest 3ds firmeware unless you update it on a ds lite. here is the guide for you to update r4i gold 3ds card with the latest update patch.

    At first. here is the error message showed up on your console means you need to update your r4i gold card.

    Let's get it started

    Step 1 Download the latest wood firmware V1.62 extract it and get the wood contents. put all the wood contents on the root of your sd card.

    Step 2 download the latest r4i gold 3ds update patch for 3ds V6.2.0-12 here extract it, you would get two update files. one is the R4iGold_3DS62_Patch_NDSi_3DS.nds and the other is R4iGold_3DS62_Patch_NDSL_3DS.nds if you update the r4i gold 3ds with a ds lite, you should use the second one, if you update it with a non updated dsi or 3ds. you need to use the second one, make sure put the correct update patch on the sd card. an using a ds lite, so i have put the R4iGold_3DS62_Patch_NDSL_3DS.nds on the sd card.

    Step3 Everything is ready and just put the sd card with r4i gold 3ds card on the ds lite. power on, find the update file and click to run it.

    Step 4 Take out the r4i gold 3ds card and then reinsert it into ds lite. go on the update process.

    Step 5 Just wait until the process finishes.

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    What if oyu never had a card to start with. can i buy this card and have it work after updating it? i want to run back ups of my 3ds games.
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    I have amended your other thread, as its title was confusing (since you're after this for 3ds games and not ds games).

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