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    I am new to the forum, I really just wanted to post a warning thread about a company that is taking your money and providing something other than what was ordered. I'm not sure exactly what forum to post it in and I noticed that the wii shops thread had *RECOMENDED* in front of it... I'm guessing a negative feedback wouldnt be applicable there. Thanks all for your time!

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    What did you buy and from who? If its from one of the stores listed on here I'd suggest a simple pm might get things sorted out.

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    I'm pretty sure they are not listed here, it was The problem is months of emails and phone calls that go unresponded to and questions unanswered. Again I don't want to violate forum policy, I've posted the details on another forum and I just really want to get the word out to consumers. If it is ok I'll post what I posted on the other forum, it basically just details the months (09/08 - present) of interaction with this company and it ends with being over charged for a chip, clip, soldering, and accessories and getting nothing but a chip (which is not the one that was ordered).

    Like I said, I did my best to check out this company prior to purchasing. It appears they used to be based in Texas and after that was shut down they moved and there the problems began, so the company has a good record... but should be discarded now due to new ownership and such.


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