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Thread: apps for wii-u vwii

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    apps for wii-u vwii

    Hi Guys,
    Just modded the wii-u to play my backup wii games and it works good. On my wii i had a app store to download emulators and other homebrew channel stuff, do we not have it for the vwii? I'm not finding it and i dont want to blindly go to the wii section and download it there without knowing where i can find the apps and stuff.

    Thank you

    - The Staff here at WiiHacks has always taken pride in protecting it's members by providing guides that we know are safe. In the case of this guide, we have chosen NOT to have you install forwarder channels or any other channels. The reason behind this is simple: With no brick protection available, the less that is done the better. If you decide to do anything beyond this guide for aesthetic reasons, that is entirely your call. Dont blame us if something bad happens!!!
    I just skimmed through the guide again and i must have missed this. I'm guessing this is why there is new homebrew channel store like with the wii? I mainly am looking for the store because on my wii itself i can download emulators which i cant seem to find for the vwii. Thanks again
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    First, don't double post

    Second, skimming guides is a great way to kill your system. Read the guides thoroughly before doing anything.

    Third, the vWii doesn't have special versions of the apps. Wii apps work the same on vWii as they do on the old Wii. Just don't install wads and you'll be fine.

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