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Thread: probably newbie question

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    probably newbie question

    everytime i have SD card in wii, it automatically boots me into the home brew menu thing where i have to used reset and power to move right and select things. Is this because I still have that boot.dol or whatever its called on the ROOT of my SD card? thanks in advance; sorry im so needy

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    That is because you still have BootMii on your SD card, you can remove it (DON'T DELETE IT UNTIL YOU COPY IT TO YOUR PC OR SOMEWHERE ELSE SAFE FIRST, you may need it later).

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    Just backup and save
    to your pc, then rename sd:\bootmii\ to sd:\bootmii_bak\

    You could also edit sd:\boottmii\bootmii.ini, this can be configured to autoboot bootmii, system menu, or HBC. It defaults to loading bootmii.
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