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Thread: mame question

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    mame question

    okay, getting a little upset! Been reading that guide for compatibility for mame roms. What I don't understand is why is there like 10 different versions of the same game! How am I supposed to know which back up roms i need? please help !

    Also using SDL mame 1.0 toad king
    - and what is a CHD file? thanks
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    There have been 142 major releases of MAME, with 5-8 sub-releases between each major release. ROMs change for one reason or another with the code (or code changes with the ROM, not sure which). But if you say a game has 10 versions, I'd say that's often a low number.

    You have to know which version of MAME the Wii version is based off of, then find the version of the ROM that worked with that version of MAME.

    CHD files are a digital duplicate of whatever hard drive, CD Drive, or DVD drive is installed in the arcade cabinet for its data.

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