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Thread: WiiKey Question

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    WiiKey Question

    im ordering my Wiikey tonight and installing it my self ( wired not "quick install" ) is there anythink i need to know before i order i get a Tri Wing screwdriver. so i dont need that.

    anythink at all i need to know before i order it any compatability problems etc


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    Ca directly above....

    experienced in soldering... would be a good idea... if not, try practicing on a couple of old cell phones till you are confident.

    30 awg single strand insulated wire...
    fine rosin core solder ...around .022" or .6 mm
    15 watt soldering

    rem...donot apply direct pressure on the solder pads with the soldering iron point.

    soldering iron point should be VERY THIN...almost needle point

    chip is rock solid and stable (genuine wii key)

    any more ?'s feel free to ask....
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