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Thread: Help with softmod

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    Help with softmod


    I have softmoded wii and i play games on usb loader gx. I want to play games on cds but without hardmodding my wii. Is it possible to softmod the wii to play games with cds? Please help! THank you

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    Depends on what drive the Wii has in it but more importantly why?

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    How can i see what drive is on my wii? And the reason is because its booring to play games on usb. If you can help me install backup loader or something else i saw on youtube . Is there a possible way to install the backup loader on 4.3E and if there is tutorial please send me. Thank you

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    USB is boring? You seek the enjoyment of inserting a 2 cent disk with a 50% failure rate just for the thrill to see if it will work or not?
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    The Wii can't load from CD. DVD media only. If you want to know if your Wii is able to play burnt media, then put Wiimc on your SD card. Then try to play a DVD movie.


    Try ripping a Wii game with CleanRip (will only rip retail discs) or Configurable USB Loader (can rip backups). Configurable USB Loader can also load games from DVD.
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