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Thread: Wii emulation question

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    Wii emulation question

    Hope this is the right place new to your guy's establishment. But I think i was reading somewhere that some 'roms' will not work properly when using the RGB component cables is this true? should i switch back to the old red, yellow and white cables? If this is the wrong place to post this i apologized looked everywhere thanks for your help!

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    I have never heard of any problems with the RGB component cables. Which games are you trying to run? Please note that the PSX and N64 Emulators aren't the most complete emulators, and you are bound to run into some problems.
    Anyways, there is no harm in trying.

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    been trying to run some neo geo games.. using that GXGEO, i have checked compatibility and everyone says they should run fine. One game is Goal Goal Goal, and the other is football frenzy. any ideas? thanks for your help guys !

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    so anyone tried to establish the wii emulator ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by keithcrestone
    so anyone tried to establish the wii emulator ??
    What exactly do you mean "the Wii emulator"? Are you referring to Dolphin on the PC? Yes, many people have gotten it to work.


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