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Thread: Best way to transfer all data to replacement Wii?

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    Question Best way to transfer all data to replacement Wii?

    Background first: So my launch day Wii finally bit the dust But it had a good run of almost 7 years hard use, so I'm not too broken up about it. It had been fully modded according to the Softmod guide here about a year ago. Being so old, it was able to have BootMii installed as boot2, and even though the System Menu would no longer run, I was able to coax it to run stably long enough to make and verify a final NAND backup from BootMii. I was able to acquire a replacement which was purchased about 6 months after launch and has had very light use since then, so I'm hoping for plenty more use out of it. The replacement has also been fully softmodded according to the same guide, and has BootMii installed as boot2.

    So my question is, what's the best/easiest way to transfer all my save files, miis, and if possible, purchased VC games from the nand backup of my old, dead Wii to the replacement?

    There is no data I care about on the replacement Wii, so any solutions which would require wiping out existing content are just fine. Is there maybe some way, given the keys.bin files for both the dead and replacement Wiis of simply decrypting the nand backup from the old one, then rencrypting it for the new one and then restoring it onto the replacement Wii via BootMii? I have a full nand backup of the replacement Wii that I made after cleaning off all the previous owner's content and completing the SoftMod, so things that risk bricking the Wii are not a problem if they can be corrected by running BootMii from boot2 and restoring the backup.

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    Are you using a hard drive? You can put the backed up NAND on your hard drive and use an emulated NAND. The guide to follow for that is USB loader gx with emulated NAND and dios mios I think is what it's called. There is some compatibility issues there though, I have a few games that won't work that way.

    There is ways in that guide too I think that show how to pack your games in to wads and install them on a different wii. I had a few problems doing this too, ocarina of time cause an error in the program due to a special character in the title.

    for game saves there is the official method but some game saves are console locked. I was able to transfer these using the priiloader hack. you could also use save game manager gx to do all the saves at the same time.

    using these methods the only thing I haven't gotten to work is the n64 vc smash bros. I was hopingthis might work with SNEEK but I don't know how to use SNEEK.

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    Yes, I am using a hard drive. A big part of why I initially hacked my Wii was because the DVD drive was starting to fail, so I moved everything to HDD. I'll check out the emulated NAND and see if it works for me, thanks


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