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Thread: Opera Internet Channel: Flash videos never start buffering

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    Question Opera Internet Channel: Flash videos never start buffering


    I hope there are still people using the "internet channel" and can give me some guidance. I just installed it last night, and tried to watch a few streaming videos on sites like and others. Problem is that, while the video "screen" within the web page does appear, and displays the initial frame (or maybe it's just a still image preview), once I click "play" I see the rotating circles indicating that it's trying to start, but no video has ever started so far on all my attempts. The horizontal scroll / buffer indicator below the video area never starts to fill up, as if no streaming data is arriving. I have tried loading some older non-HD videos on YouTube, nothing works.

    And please, before anyone says "Just install the YouTube channel instead", I have my reasons. For one thing, YouTube is not the only streaming site with Flash that I'm interested in viewing. My Wii's storage is getting a little full, and I'd rather not have to install both channels (plus having to update the Wii Shop Channel, plus any dependencies and so on and so forth).

    Details of my configuration:
    Wii USA NTSC
    Wired ethernet connection via USB network adapter
    System Menu 3.1U
    Homebrew Channel 1.0.9
    Internet Channel v1024, IOS55 v5663, both downloaded via "NUS Downloader" and installed by "WAD manager".

    The answers I'm most interested in are:

    Does the Internet Channel require anything else besides IOS55? I'm sure I'm missing many newer IOSs since I stayed with the older System Menu on the advice of other experts.

    3 years ago I had used an older version of Internet Channel (that did not require IOS55); it worked with YouTube and other sites. (I erased it, thinking I would not need it.) Is it worth trying to use older versions of the IntCh? Did its transition from Flash 7 to Flash Lite 3.1 break some compatiblity?

    Can anybody point me to a web site with Flash 7 or 8 content that is known to work with the Internet Channel?

    Thanks for any help!

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    The problem is not with the Internet channel, in those years since you last used it many sites (YouTube included) have made changes, the simple fact is the internet channel just isn't capable of streaming as well as other devices out there (iPhones, PCs, Tablets etc etc). But judging off the fact your HBC is still on 1.0.9 your mod is outdated. If you wish to update your Softmod to see if that helps (I'm not saying it will) you can do so by checking the Softmod ANY Wii guide linked in my signature.

    But I'm just going to tell you from my experience (that of someone with an up-to-date Wii Softmod) the Internet Channel fails when it comes to streaming videos. Depending on the videos you're better off with the YouTube, Hulu+ or Netflix Channels.

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    When the Wii Opera browser was new, it used a stripped down version of Flash 8 (which was already old, as Flash 10 was almost released).

    Now that Flash 11 is almost a year old, Flash 8 is long-since dead. Most Flash sites will require that Flash 10 be used at a minimum.

    There is no way to update the version of Flash used on the Wii Opera Browser.
    [spoiler=Click Below for recommended Links]

    Download the latest:
    Latest Loaders CFG v70r65
    GX r1226
    WiiFlow 4.2.1
    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    Why (once again) is this being posted in the Wii-U newbie section instead of the Wii newbie section? Not seeing Wii-U specs there, OP

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    As of early this week, I found that the Internet Channel started working all of a sudden, in terms of playing videos streamed from Obviously YouTube must be making some changes to their web site, and somehow made the videos identify or stream properly to the older Flash plug-in in the Internet Channel. A day later, I found that videos still stream, but the "buffering" indicator (little circles dancing in the middle of the video) stays on the screen even though the video is already playing.

    It's not a great experience, but at least the IC is showing signs of life. The only quality setting that is available to it is 240p, accompanied by very-compressed (i.e. poor quality) audio, even though one's internet connection may have plenty of excess bandwidth.

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