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Thread: Possible New Way To Remove Expoxy

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    Possible New Way To Remove Expoxy

    To date, people have used heat and/or chemical methods to successfully remove black epoxy from D2E chip. Just curious, have any modders/hobbiest tried using expansion/contraction differentials? Since this is a "suggestion" category, I suggest someone with extra boards to play with exhibiting the dreaded black substance try a "freezing" method of removal. By this I mean, using liquid nitrogen or even dry ice. Wouldn't it be great if careful application of a cryrogenic liquid made the epoxy brittle and it just "pop" came off in one clean you could apply a snap on clip!

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    A this is for SITE suggestions
    B no one cares
    C that method is dead XD

    since Drivekey and other newer chips use the ribbon cable people arnt gonna remove the epoxy, and most people will forget about it in a little bit of time

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