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Thread: Bootmii crashing back to wii menu?

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    Angry Bootmii crashing back to wii menu?

    Hey guys, this is driving me crazy! For some reason, my bootmii (installed as boot 2) shows for a split second, then goes to my wii menu without any input.... It's after resetting my console from playing gamecube games! I used cmios patcher and patched my mios to play backup gamecube games, and when i turn off the console afterwards, the bootmii menu dumps me at my wii menu!!! I keep having to uninstall and reinstall bootmii for it to stick and it only sticks for a while. Any suggestions? My wii is 4.2u softmodded. cios d2x rev 21 and using neogamma R9 Beta 56. Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

    EDIT: Sometimes if I wait a while, the bootmii glitch fixes itself and works again with reinstallation... STILL annoying tho.

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    If you have bootmii files on your SD card, remove them (copy them to a computer in case you need them later).

    Bootmii installed as boot2 will run the bootmii files on SD card on boot. That's how it makes a powerful anti-brick measure. It lets you get access to restore system memory from backup.

    In normal use, you don't want it to run, so back that stuff up and get it off your card.
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    So you're saying that its just better if I backup my SD card's bootmii files and just don't have bootmii running unless I need it?

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