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Thread: a semi-noob could use your help!

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    a semi-noob could use your help!

    Hey guys,

    I have googled the crap out of the questions I have and have been running around in circles. I really just need advice from real people, so I have decided to make a post here at wiihacks.

    I softmodded a wii a few years back, but was limited by the broken disc drive so I stopped.
    I got bored this summer and ordered a new console (dirt cheap nowadays) to start fresh.

    My goal is to be able to play all three smash bros games on one console, and at this time I'm only missing Melee

    With this new one I used letter bomb to install bootmii and homebrew, I unstudded key studs via dop-mii.
    Pretty much everything is just peachy - I can play wii backups via USBloader-gx (brawl), I can run various emulators (SSB64)!

    Main problem: I cant seem to play gamecube games in any way shape or form no matter how hard I try!
    - It cant read my dvd-rs, doesnt even register that the DVD has a game.
    - Dios-Mios never sees my games, nor games on the dvd's

    Have I just not installed certain wads or cios's?


    Here are some more problems I have that may or may not relate (ill try anything at this point).
    1. It cant play normal wii games via disc drive
    2. Homebrew browser crashes (error dump?)
    3. Wiimc wont open

    I feel like I'm so close, but I'm sick of googling solutions and installing new things that don't work

    Thank you so much in advance! let me know what more info I can give. Im recovering from surgery and have nothing to do. lol

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    Try the Devolution guide in my signature, that should help you get GC backups working.


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