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Thread: Wii/GC loader: Hook type

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    Wii/GC loader: Hook type

    When I go into the settings of Ocarina, there appear the "Hook type" setthings. What is it and what are they for? I know that the VI / VBI is for use cheats, but I want to know what they are doing:
    Wii Hooks:
    GC Hooks:
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    Hook types are basically the known places in executed code where it places a " hook " so it can jump to that point and alter the memory, which is how the codes are applied. The VI / VBI allows it to place a hook in the Vertical Blanking Interval of the video output. Usually this works well for most games, but some slow down and even crash.

    I don't know exactly what all those hooks are, but if I had to guess, GXDRAW would be while it's rendering, or drawing things to the screen, and GXFLUSH while it's be updating the output. gxdrawdone is probably done after it finishes rendering the current frame.

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    And I can test them without fear that my Wii will be bricked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheZipBon
    And I can test them without fear that my Wii will be bricked?
    I have never heard of anyone bricking they wii while using the cheats etc.

    This should be said though, it could happen if you go cowboy'ing around with your ios , cios, system menu ios , and or use your Wii for testing purposes.

    Other then the above... I really don't see in any harm coming to your Wii , by using the cheats options.

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    Yeah, like Jax said, it's not possible to brick your Wii by using a different hook type. Worst case scenario is the game crashes and you have to restart the Wii.

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