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Thread: Black and white sysmenu + probable semi-brick

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    Black and white sysmenu + probable semi-brick

    Hi, my story is the following: in short, I bought a friend's wii, which came softmodded in version 4.3E. It ran just fine on his house and TV, it's the blocked drive model (GC2-D4) and an european one (LEH39~). However, on my TV, the System Menu is black and white, although games run just fine by forcing NTSC through NeoGamma. Changing the Wii settings, though, had no effect on this.

    I posted a system check on the "Need help? Post your system check here" topic and, following advice, redid my softmod to version 4.1E according to the instructions posted in the "Softmod any wii" tutotial. This didn't do the trick, but I noticed that exiting Priiloader to the System Menu made it colored. Then I tried installing the 4.1U menu in order to force some ntsc onto it - aaaand that was a problem.

    Accessing Wii Settings gives me an Opera Error, from which I can normally exit to the System Menu. Since then, I left the console on.

    Therefore, I ask: what in heavens should I do?

    I've read mauifrog's Semi-Brick fixing tutorial, which I believe is exactly my situation, but I'd rather not fool around once more without some guidance.


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    Partially solved! I followed the Semi-Brick tutorial and it's unbricked now. If someone could suggest something about the black and white thingy, that'd be great, since I'm still bothered with it!

    Edit: It's solved. I went with Any Region Changer (had to get through ModMii and ask it for a region change, but then I just booted up ARC instead of changing the whole stuff), selected ios236 to boot it, and changed only the video settings to NTSC. Now my Wii already boots up in color and keeps this setting in the channels - Priiloader's effect was restricted to coloring the System Menu; entering channels eventually disabled it. So I guess that's it for this problem, hope it helps someone else as well.
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