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Thread: soft brick, need help and more

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    soft brick, need help and more

    I m new in this town, looking for some help
    I have a jap wii, got it from a friend in HK, apparently it is modded (don't know with what chip or how to find out)
    OK, thing is the i might have used a different area game to update the wii and now i get the error of the opera cannot connect etc.
    games still run on the machine, but not all of them
    now, for the questions:
    1. I understand the best solution is to get a game from the original region to do the upgrade to the update. now, I don't know what version I have, lets say I have the 4.3 updated from another region, can the wii re-update the same version? if I get a game with jap 4.3 update, will it automatically update to that or I need to do something special to "help" it update.
    2. Any chance that i can change the language of the wii to English at the situation it is in now or i have to fix the semi brick first?
    3. is there a way to update the wii without a game? is there a 4.3 patch somewhere that i can burn on a cd or put on a sd card?
    4. is there a way to downgrade the wii to previous working version?
    5. is there a way to reset the wii to factory reset and get the clean version it came with?
    6. I have an hdd with wii games, I want to make a copy of that hdd, sadly the computer dosent recognize the hdd and always ask me to format it. is there a way to copy that disk?

    thanks for reading and sorry for the many questions (trust me I have more but i rather start slow )
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