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Thread: Softmod Files Deleted From SD Card

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    Softmod Files Deleted From SD Card


    I have had a Wii for some time now and everything worked fine until a few months ago. I have 2 children and my only assumption is that they must have deleted the files from the SD card since they are no longer there. How would I go about getting the files back? Should I re mod my Wii? I don't remember which tutorial I used, but it was from this site.

    Thank you for your help!!

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    No, your Wii doesn't need to be re-modded. All that was deleted was your Apps. You can go to the Softmod ANY Wii guide in my signature and look for the app pack, that will work. Optionally you can remember which apps you had and look for them individually.

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    Ok, this was something very easy to fix. I put the SD card in my laptop to see if everything was deleted and the computer would not read the card. I tried to format it and it said that it was write protected, so I moved the switch and put the card back in. It looks like everything is still there. I didn't realize that if the switch is moved my Wii would not read the SD card.

    Thanks for your help though!

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    The switch prevents writing to the card, but apps will often write configuration info or cached data onto the card. Since it could not do this, it probably just completely failed on you and did what it did.
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