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Thread: Wads aren't installing in MMM

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    Wads aren't installing in MMM

    So I followed the "Softmod any Wii" guide to a tee December last year and everything worked fine. I haven't played Wii in a few months and came back to it today to play some good old OoT/install the wad, couldn't remember exactly how it all worked and loaded Wiiflow mistaking it for the Homebrew channel and updated it (this is the only change that I've made). Naturally, after seeing the interface I remembered it wasn't what I was looking for and loaded up MMM, went to the wads section and tried to install the wad, it said something to the effect of "I didn't complete." So I tested a previously installed wad, Majoras Mask, to test if it was just the specific wad or not and I got the same error. So, to further test I tried to batch install all the wads and only 2 installed:
    Now, I'm not sure if they didn't install because they previously had been successfully, or some other reason; part of the reason I posted this.

    I just came across Wad manager 1.7 and used this to install the wad fine, and the game works fine, but I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and want to determine whether there's something wrong with MMM or not and whether I'll have to rely only on Wad manager in the future.

    Much thanks for any help.

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    You could've easily gotten them from the Shop Channel, why worry about installing them yourself?

    Anyway, with MMM sometimes you have to load IOS 236 before installing wads.

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    Nice, that seems to work. Thanks dude.

    EDIT: I'm running a PAL console, as such VC games from the shop channel don't run at NTSC/60hz speeds so I have to download the NTSC games and patch them to run on a PAL console. Also there's some sound issues prevalent in some VC titles which patching seems to fix.
    If you're concerned about legitimacy I've owned Majora's Mask on N64 and Wii VC and OoT on 64 and Gamecube.
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