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Thread: new guy with easy question

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    new guy with easy question

    I know the answer to this is going to be easy, but I can't quite find a clear solution.

    From the boards I see that 3.4 is bad, I got that.
    I see that 3.2 is the best, I got that.
    But I am running 3.3 and have only seen recommendations to go down to 3.2 for running cIOS with the backup launcher gamma.

    If this helps I tried to install both of those on the HBC (which I put in my wii many many many months ago) and it seemed to work. So I was wondering if going down to 3.2 is completely necessary?

    Thanks and sorry for posting this question, I am sure enough people ask it.

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    You can read this thread below about what 3.3 and 3.4 firmware can and can't do with homebrew etc

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    I ran 3.3E with cIOS and Gamma for some time.

    If you have an early version of 3.3 (I believe there were 2 versions of 3.3 released) and just want to use Gamma you don't have to downgrade.

    However, if you want to implement some of the other hacks or safety nets, 3.2 is essential. Specifically, Starfall and Preloader require a downgrade to 3.2 and they are very useful should you ever partly brick your Wii.

    I was initially reluctant to downgrade from 3.3E to 3.2E, but it really is painless. And some of the hacks that only work with 3.2 really are worth the hassle.

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    there are 3


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