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Thread: USB Drive connects / disconnects randomly using CFG & Softmod

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    USB Drive connects / disconnects randomly using CFG & Softmod

    I have a Wii which i have just softmodded for a friend, ive done all the installs required on the guides on here to run CFG and an external drive.

    The drive connects, runs and is picked up by CFG in FAT32. Im playing it right now - but sometimes when i load up CFG from HBC the power goes off to the drive. Randomly. I have to pull and reconnect and then its picked up.

    IS there a software reason for this?

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    Is it externally powered or USB powered?

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    Does the hard drive have a sleep mode enabled that should be disabled by the manufacturer's configuration tool (not something you can toggle on or off through standard windows applications).
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    I had that issue with my Seagate drive but I don't think it showed as disconnected. It would simply black screen or in Metroid doors would stop opening (because it could not load the new area). I could not find the tools anywhere online to change the setting, but remembered I backed up what was on the drive when I purchased it and found the software tool there. Works perfectly since I turned off the sleep mode.

    If it is USB powered though you can try a Y cable to plug in the second port to give the drive more power.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, its usb powered on a Y cable through the two rear ports. Its a bog standard 160gb SATA drive in a caddy, ill have a look at the model and investigate the sleep option. Is it common for the drives manufacturers to publish the software required? I would have thought for a standard SATA drive it wouldnt be installed, more for shop bought external / usb powered drives?

    Ive had no problems with games at all, and its a brand new drive fresh out of the packet.

    Its a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 160gb. Off to look for the software now.

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