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Thread: Pre-modded wii - Want Virgin machine

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    Pre-modded wii - Want Virgin machine

    I recently purchased a Wii from a guy who had apparently modded it, then attempted to un-mod it by just doing a system restore and so all programs are gone now. I can't seem to be able to find a way around this and figure out how to make this machine a "virgin" again. ANY and ALL help would greatly be appreciated. Google searches have done nothing but make me more and more angry that I purchased this machine for the amount that I did. Please help!!!

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    Well, there are huge benefits to having a softmodded Wii, but you obviously don't want that. You will need to perform a partial mod to get the Homebrew Channel back.

    Follow Chapter 1 of the Softmod ANY Wii guide, link is below in my sig. After you have gotten the Homebrew Channel back, follow THIS GUIDE.

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    Is there a step by step to doing the softmod to get Homebrew? I can't even play games on the wii because it says I have to do a system update. (Preferably an very detailed step by step)

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