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Thread: Splitting a 4.5GB wbfs file into parts?

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    [SOLVED] Splitting a 4.5GB wbfs file into parts?

    Is there a way to directly split a 4.5GB .wbfs file into 2GB parts of .wbfs format? How can I do this without having to convert it back into .iso format?
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    You put the horse before the cart on that one. WBFS Manager is designed to split @ 4gb point (those discs that are dual layered). Not sure why you want 2gb chunks but to my knowledge, you will have to reconstitute the ISO first.

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    I'm good now. All I had to do was use the most up-to-date version of Wii Backup Manager. And it allowed me to split the 4.5GB wbfs file into 2GB wbfs parts without having to convert back to iso format.

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    I learned something new


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