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    should i delete old posts no longer needed

    Hi guys. Is it advisable to delete any of my old posts or threads i have started that are no longer being used or replied to?
    I still haven't got my Wii working. I've been away a few weeks so now i'm back i just thought i'd update you on my Wii.
    I have followed the GUIDE 3 times and i know i've done it all right all 3 times.
    It was already soft-modded some 5 years ago but it stopped working for some reason.
    It won't read any discs, but i dont think its a Drive problem cos i get the same black error screen on installed games bought with vouchers, like Galaga etc.
    I am certain it is a firmware problem. One of you kind people have advised me (i think) to download Syscheck which i have just done and posted the results of that check. Tho i don't think i did the 'Spoiler' thing properly. I just can't get my head around what it is. I did try by putting /sp everywhere i thought it should go, but i think i'm missing the point and probably look like a fool.
    I also hope i posted it in the right place. If anyone can check and let me know if i need to delete it so i can (i will anyway once i've given one of you experts a chance to ponder it to see if i do indeed have a firmware issue.
    If anyone can give me a link to the 4.2e update i will just overwrite the one on my Wii to see if that fixes it. But if i do flash the Wii will i lose HB etc?
    Again sorry if i sound clueless. The old braincells aren't what they were.
    Anyway thanks to anyone who got all the way through this post, and like i said, is it the 'done thing' to delete outdated posts/threads?
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    Judging off your name I feel I should point out; the mini Wii cannot be soft modded.

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    What happened to the formatting of your post?
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    which USB loader do i need

    no sorry i own an old Wii. Miniwii was just a username i wouldn't forget, as i am always forgetting my usernames on different sites.
    Right i've soft-modded my Wii, and wish to thank the genius who created it. And i WILL DEFINATELY make a donation to this site as soon as i see a game working.
    I've got to the last stage and i am now confronted with a huge list of USB loaders. I obviously need the 'All in one' package but i haven't a clue which one i need.
    There are exe, dols, and wads everywhere and i haven't a clue which one i need. Also, i already have an old version of a USB loader already installed on my Wii, so i need to manually update it, which i will try to do before asking for any help.
    But can anyone tell me if i need the exe, dol or whatever, and do i extract it to my SD card with the other apps, (one of which is USB loader forwarder), or do i already have it on the SD.
    Apologies if this question looks as stupid as it does to me
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