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Thread: Wii Remotes not working on Wii after pairing with Wii U

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    Wii Remotes not working on Wii after pairing with Wii U

    I have a Wii U and softmodded Wii. Both are connected to the same TV. I paired all the remotes with the Wii U. But now I cannot use any of these remotes with the Wii. Even after I deleted the pairing connections in the Wii U settings, I cannot get any of the remotes to sync with the Wii. I pushed the sync button on each remote and the one on the Wii, but no connection is made. The blue lights just blink and stop. I even tried this after unplugging the Wii U, but I still can't get any of them to work with the Wii. I can pair them again with the Wii U only. Any suggestions?
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    I occasionally have similar problems and I am not sure why.

    Usually what I do with the most success is hold the sync button on the wii for about 20 seconds. This is supposed to clear all the pairings the wii has stored. It may or may not help to remove the batteries in the wiimote for a period of time as well.

    usually at least one of 5 wiimotes will sync after doing this.

    Another thing to try, assuming you are softmodded, is to reinstall your softmod just in case something you installed is corrupted somehow. I have had some weird issues get resolved doing this even when a syscheck is not showing any issues. I simply take the modpack from the softmod guide, all 30 wads or so, and reinstall them with wiimod or something. This is the only part of the guide you really need to redo, but it may resolve some issues.

    I have not modded my wii u due to various reasons and this is the one annoyance I have continuing to use both systems at the same time.

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    If you have 5 Wii Remotes, you can try doing what I do (I also have 5 Wii Remotes).

    Pick one that you want to never pair to the Wii U. Each system can only use 4 at a time, so there is no need to try using all 5 at once.

    I marked in sharpie "Wii Only" on the inside of the battery cover near the sync button (and trained my kids to look out for that as they pair remotes back and forth between the two systems).

    Now I know I have one remote that should always work with the Wii.
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    Pressing sync button for 20-30 seconds on Wii and removing batteries didn't work. I don't want to mess with re-softmodding the Wii. I may just softmod the Wii U to play the old games from the hard drive if necessary

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    Take the batteries out of the wiimote as blaisedinsd suggested. I had a similar problem and that fixed it, for me anyways.

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    It really only takes about 10 minutes to reinstall the modpack.

    Are these first party controllers? My friend I loaned my secondary wii too bought some knockoffs and they stopped syncing for him.

    keep in mind wiiu requires a game exploit to hack, has no GameCube support ( outside of devolution workaround which usually requires a wii), will prompt you to format your hard drive if it is connected in wiiu mode, and has gimped surround sound in vWii, and has no brick protection. It is also recommended to stay away from several things that are safe on wii ( i think even forwarders are a bad idea) and requires hombrew that is specific to vWii in many cases.

    it is weird though I never have trouble syncing them to the wii u, I have also had issues where they sync to the wii but then launch hombrew and they will not re sync
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    These are all original Wii remotes. Maybe I need to purchase a new remote and sync that with the Wii and make sure nobody pairs it with the Wii U.

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    You should try nintendo customer service. Don't mention homebrew of softmod or anything. Tell them your wii u broke your controllers for your wii.

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    Ok solved it. I had to use our GameCube Controller to go to the main menu, and then I was able to sync the remotes using the red buttons on the Wii and remotes. This will also work if you go into any game. I have my Wii set to load to the USB Loader GX menu, and you cannot sync the remotes in this menu. Thanks all.


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