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Thread: Any good wii-hacks, e.g. PC-to-WII data transfer?

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    Any good wii-hacks, e.g. PC-to-WII data transfer?

    Greetings from Vancouver

    I just joined (thanks for the referral and the modded Wii, modderman) and am looking for any techniques to connect my home computer (Mac) to Wii. Imagine the possibilities of the WiFi connection!

    For example, I just found this iPhoto and iTunes-to-Wii app (Mac only). Might anyone be working on an improvement to Forecast, like tying it in with the much-better Google Maps or Google Earth database? Is custom hacking the software possible with Wii?

    Edit: Too bad, the iPhoto-to-Wii app wasn't WiFi, just uses the SD card. :-(
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    Welcome aboard jonah22.....

    Cool stuff... I don't have a mac so I can't really help you out...i'm sure there will be more apps coming out as macs are becoming more and more popular...

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    Im not sure if this will work on a mac or not but u should take a look at this


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