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Thread: Minecraft on the Wii?

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    Minecraft on the Wii?

    I am looking for input here. The boy has Minecraft on his iPad, and is bonkers about putting it on the Wii. There are a couple of youtube videos with some mention of a wiicraft or dscraft homebrew channel.

    Well, I have the Wii hacked already and can get to the Hombrew channel, though I mostly boot to Wiiflow. So that part is done, but I did it a couple of years ago and have forgotten most of what I did.

    He has never used a "full" version of Minecraft, so our comparison would be against the "Pocket" version he runs on his iPad.

    Is it worth the trouble to put it on? I am thinking not, but maybe someone can fill me in.

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    They don't make the commercial version of Minecraft for the Wii. I do believe there's a homebrew version of two, but that's it to my knowledge.

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    There is a fanmade homebrew version of the game, but no actual port or anything. I haven't tried the fanmade version so I don't know if it's horribly slow, or even works at all.

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    I had read that the memory limitations of the Wii is a pretty big hurdle.


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