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Thread: Linux WBFS Manager Issues

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    Us Linux WBFS Manager Issues

    I have recently completed soft modding my Wii to play games off a USB instead of playing games off the physical disk because the disk reader is temporarily broken. (I own all of these games ). I am using the most up to date version of lubuntu linux (very similar to ubuntu ) and have tried using many different WBFS managers but none have worked. I have encountered a couple of problems:
    1. I am not very good with lubuntu and cant find many guides for installing/using these managers
    2. I have only managed to use wiithon( most up to date version), and when I tried to convert an ISO I have to a WBFS it could not find any of my ISO's. (even though i have a LOZ Skyward sword ISO)
    I have no idea where I am going wrong and need help.

    To demonsrate what is happening, here is a log from wii backup fusion:
    (Tue Aug 6 14:12:57 2013) Wii Backup Fusion 1.1 started.Wiimms ISO Tool not found!
    Wiimms WBFS Tool not found!
    Titles not found!

    My .iso file shows up gray when I click load and don't know why.
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    So you have a Wii-U, do you? If you wonder at the question, please notice where you posted your thread...

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    Moved thread to Wii Newbie section.

    Check the NTFS guide and look at the sections that I wrote for Mac. I suggest a Java-based program called WiiJManager that works for me. It includes a linux version of "wit" in addition to the mac and windows version so it should all work the same as it does on the mac.

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