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Thread: Wiimote+ shuts off after loading Wii64

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    Wiimote+ shuts off after loading Wii64

    So I just recently softmodded the vWii on my Wii U and everything has been working great so far, until I decided to give Wii64 a try.

    As soon as I load Wii64 from the Homebrew Channel my wiimote shuts off. Pressing buttons doesn't cause any of the blue lights to blink. Only the power button seems to work. I keep reading motion+ wiimotes can cause issues, however, it works totally fine on USBLoader GX. Just Wii64 is causing this issue.

    Has anybody experienced this or know a fix/workaround? Unfortunately I don't have a standard wiimote to try out.

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    Your WiiMote is probably one of the newer TR+ remotes which aren't supported by all Homebrew at this time. Your only options are to wait for Wii64 to be updated (I wouldn't hold my breath on that one) or buy an older WiiMote.

    Optionally you can try Not64 (which is a mod of Wii64) I can't promise it will work any better in terms of controller compatibility as I only have non TR+ WiiMotes, but it's worth a try.


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