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Thread: Ios 249 is a stubb

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    Ios 249 is a stubb

    Hi all i followed a guide on here for soft mod which all worked great had all me games working from usb hard drive aint played for a few months set it all up today and i get this message when i go into usb loader in the HB channels( Ios 249 is a stubb please reinstall it) can some1 preferable some1 who is clued up and know what there on about with easy to follow steps help please . i still also have the sd card with all the modpack files on if i need them for the fix or can i do a hard reset to the console and start all again
    many thanks

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    Just follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide, link below in my sig. Start at the section "Softmods with Homebrew Channel Installed".

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    many thanks works a treat


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