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Thread: WIIU VS WII, any diffrense after modding?

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    WIIU VS WII, any diffrense after modding?

    So Iv got an old Wii that has been modded with the guide on this forum, and I love it.
    I play the games from HDD, stream movies, play emulators etc.

    1. If I mod the wii U, can I do all I can with the old wii? (so I can sell or remove my old wii)
    2. Wil I get any better visual on the old wii games or streaming video?
    3. Do I need to ree do my external HDD when I move the HDD from WII to wiiU
    4. DO I loose my savegames?

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    1. Pretty much, but there is no brick protection via bootmii or priiloader yet. As far as game play, WiiMC and stuff like that, yes they work, but if you plan on messing with wads of any type I wouldn't do that on the vWii if I were you. Thats exactly why I haven't sold my old Wii's just yet.

    2. No you wont. The vWii video output is exactly the same as on the Wii. There is no upscaling.

    3. No, your old drive will work just fine, provided it is externally powered. The Wii U's usb ports to not supply as much power as the old Wii's did, so the drive needs to be externally powered.

    4. Using the Wii to Wii U transfer utility available thru the shop channel you can transfer all of your game saves, WiiWare and Mii's to the Wii U. Keep in mind this erases them all from the old Wii, so if you want to keep them on both consoles you will need to look into nand emulation or savegame manager gx.

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    The wii u will prompt to format the hard drive you have all your wii stuff on if it is connected in wiiu mode.

    You will have limited GameCube support. The only option is using the alternative controller support in devolution, but it's anti piracy feature means you will need your old wii rip and verify your GameCube games before moving the hard drive to your wiiu. ( or possibly you can get a disc adapter to put the mini GameCube discs in to the wiiu)

    I think a lot of homebrew needs to specifically support vWii to function correctly.

    also surround sound doesn't work correctly on vWii because you have no surround setting option. Only games that have an in game option to surround on will work if you have your wiiu sound setting set to stereo.

    You also risk voiding your wiiu warranty ( and they should all still be in warranty currently) and do not have brick protection.

    It is relatively safe if you are careful but these are the main reasons I still use my wii for homebrew and backup loading and have not modded my wiiu. Also you need a specific game exploit to hack your vWii, the gameless exploits won't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjizzle View Post
    3. No, your old drive will work just fine, provided it is externally powered. The Wii U's usb ports to not supply as much power as the old Wii's did, so the drive needs to be externally powered.
    I wonder about this. I found somewhere that you can buy cable usb type Y and plug both usb on Wii U with HDD, then disk gonna have enough power. I bought such cable for around 3 euro (4$, not sure which currency I should use on this forum ) and I will test it as my Samsung HDD has no external power. Or I will use old laptop just to power enough hdd, still cheaper than buying new external hdd

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    The Y cable isn't a guarantee but it just might work. I've read that some people couldn't get the Y cable method to work, let us know your results.

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    I used a Y cable with a usb powered drive on my old wii, it was flaky. I usually only plugged one end in, one time it didnt work and plugging in the second fixed it, but then it didnt work with them both plugged in, and then it went back to working with just one. I don't use that drive anymore....

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    As with anything, power requirements would be the determining factor. Certainly you'd have far better luck with a 2.5" device and a Y cable than a 3.5" device, for example...

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    Note, that Nintendo officially does not support the use of Y-cables to power the hard drive. So if you try it and have problems with it, they won't help in troubleshoot. (this of course in terms of Wii U use of storing purchased eShop titles)
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