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Thread: Sd card freezes randomly

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    Sd card freezes randomly

    Hi Guys

    im having a nightmare and cant think of a reason or a way to get it fixed

    Im using a 8gb SDHC card in the Wii, but randomly if i try and access the channels on the sd then it freezes up the console. i dont have issues trying to acess thing with homebrew channel and such

    The make of the sd is Kingston, im not sure if the card can be faulty, any recommendations i can try first before having to purchase a new sd card.

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    How is it formatted?

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    Windows fat32

    I have installed a few wads and on the wii system they work. But if i move them to the sd then they give me a fail to launch error.

    So im starting to think that something else is wrong cause i now did all this with a scandisc 2gb sd to test if its not the kingston sd make or something.

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    What in the world? Wads are installed via wad manager or wiimod. What is the purpose in your activities? Because I can think of no legitimate one...

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    Yes they do get installed via wad manager. But if you read what i said you will see that if i move the wad from the system channel to the SD card i get a error cannot launch. And with my previous comment also about something that is causeing the sd to randomly freez up.

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    Dodging will get your thread closed. You're dodging. One final time: answer the question with specifics, please. What wads? For what purpose?

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    What am i doging any wad say a game .u install it it shows on the system as a channel . When u move the game to sd card it doesnt want to launch. But like i said in the original post the sd card freezes up. And i asked for suggetions. On how to look at getting it fixed.

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    VC games are purchased through the Wii shop and install on a given Wii's NAND. What it sounds like to me is you're attempting to circumvent that. Not sure what other type of games you'd have as wads, than that kind.

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    I had two wiis and was attempting to move my purchased games from one wii and install them to my second wii. I wanted to do this so I could access all my content on a single console. Nintendo wouldn't move them for me. I was able to turn my games in to wads and do this. So there is at least one legitimate reason to have wads on an sd card.

    other wise channels moved to the sd card are locked to the console. I'm not sure how it works when you move them to an sd card.

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    A few things could be wrong here:

    1. Your Wii could be close to out of memory - iirc there has to be at least the amount of free space on the console as the game you are trying to launch.
    2. The "wad" you have installed is not original to your console and therefore will not launch (aka piracy)

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