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Thread: Any hope for ACEKARD2i and firmware 5.1.0-11U

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    Any hope for ACEKARD2i and firmware 5.1.0-11U

    Both my kids ended up updating their 3ds's to firmware 5.1.0-11U and now their ACEKARD2i's will not work. Has ACEKARD stopped supporting their product and if so what is a card that is the best bet on future firmware upgrades.

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    Ask this guy. Also, see this thread.

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    If you want a card that works on 3DS super card DStwo is the best one to get.

    That mod for cutting a trace only applies to specific cards and they are certain R4s not what you have.

    Or just get a DSlite, you can get them for around $45 and your card should work fine on it.


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