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Thread: Problems with GC backups

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    Problems with GC backups

    ive been trying to play gc backups that ive burned with image burn at 4x. so far ive burned bloody roar and taht works with gamecube backup launcher and with neogamma but ive burned nba street vol 2 twice but when i play it gets a disc read problem telling me to chenck the gamecube manual. also i had the same problem once with bloody roar after playing for a long while. ive burned them on tkd dvd+r discs. am i somehow doing something wrong. i think with both when i got them they were gcm files but i jsut changed the extension to iso because after looking it up thats what ppl said to do because it made no difference when changed.
    i also tried playing the games off of my hdd using diosmios on cfg and diomios lite on negoamma but i jsut get a black screen. i read that the problem is that the hdd isnt fat32 so is there anuyway to play them off ntfs hardrives or do i jave to format to fat32?

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    They're probably bad dumps, try ripping the retail discs again using CleanRip and see if that helps.

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    Only older model Wii's will read backup discs. I didn't even realize you could play GC backup discs through the disc channel until today.....was that little nugget always in the softmod guide?

    If your wii can do it than bad rips may be your problem if your softmod is good or you might be having laser trouble. -R is supposed to be better also.

    Also for USB loading FAT32 with 32kb clusters is the only way.
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    thanks guys i did a test with my flash drive formatted to fat32 and cfg loader played nba street vol 2 off of it using dios mios. so i think ill just format my hdd to fat32 and transfer everything back on, i have backups so it wont be a big deal. my wii cant read burned gc games anymore though im guessing because i switched from dios mios lite to dios mios?

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    Any further questions of this type (only after reading it), go in the guide.


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