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    Backup Help

    Hi all,

    Right, my wii to start with had 3.4e on it i spent 2 hours on boxing day learning about this hack spent hours with it no working, as i remember in the end had to use cios downgrader v1.0 which never acutally changed the firmware number in the wii system menu but eventually some how got it to work and its worked great for ages! now the other day my sister was ere (kid) and no it wont load back-ups again.

    ive used cios downgrader v1.2 which gave me a list of firmwares, i choose 3.2e and it completed successfully,
    Ithen installed starfall . . . . i think
    then ran cIOS installer
    loaded install shop ios51 (yes,yes,no)
    and ive got 3 different boot loader all giving same result
    dvd error hard to tell what it say the text is over text

    also installed dvd x still no look

    what am i doing wrong ???

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    is there any way of wiping my wii clean so i can start again ??

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    no there is no way

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    So what am i doing wrong ???

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    you got if's and maybes... and vague info

    lets see if you can figure out something with very little to nothing....

    i have a phone, it wont dial
    i droped it 3 times i think
    it is a nokia 391 B
    it maybe went into water once...
    i tried to hack it 3 different ways
    keep getting a error


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    to be perfectly honest i read so many threads on so many websites i cant remember how i got it to work the first time round on my first attemp with it having 3.4e i kept getting the (-2011) error so i tried alsorts, and i dont remember what BUT IT WAS WORKING.

    NOW it has stopped and and its not something that i personal have done and non of the kids seem to know whats wrong with it or if they have done some thing to it.

    So.. Im my attempt to fix it and know what a paid in the ass the 3.4 was last time i google downgrading the firmware. i found cIOS downgrader v1.2

    So i ran cIOS downgrader 1.2 and it give me a list of firmware versions. i choose 3.2e, as i live in uk and because it seems to be the most choosen firmware when you read through different threads.

    The i read throught the quide in the tutorials section on the site, downloaded the SD root files, and started to it.

    Having already being on 3.2e i skip straight to step 3 and attepted to install starfall. starfall is very hard to read the text dint fit on my telly and was very jumpy, but i manged to figure the i had to change the [not installed] at the side of the options to [install], which i did for them all the some more script came up of which i could make out the last line (press to restart) i pressed a and the wii restarted. but i dunno if it was suppose to make a channel or some thing or how to tell if it worked and its installed?

    then i moved on to the next task, run "cIOS installer"
    so i open HBC click it and click install, pressed a to continue there was loads of script the "installation succefull" please restart

    on to install shop & IOS 51
    clicked yes to install, yes to patch. 15 items installed then 33 numbers
    clicked no to install new shop
    pressed any key to reboot

    then i removed all my current boot channels
    the ran HBC, Wadmanager and installed Dj Tez Gamma Loader
    and i got and error but was update to read as there was 2 lines of text over each other !

    Please read this first.
    i ran throught this for the 3rd time so ensure the above was correct and now

    it works!! BIZZAR!!!

    spent all that time tpying it had to post it lol
    Thanks for a help & the quide!!!!


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