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Thread: Having problem installing wad files

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    Having problem installing wad files

    Ive been trying to play gamecube games off my harddrive I hate to keep making posts but my last thread was closed and my problem wasnt answered. I think my problem lies in not being able to install wad files I tried several different ios and nothing I re patched 236 that didn't do anything can someone please help.

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    yes and everything is as the guide has it i think my problem is somewhere else I already got the link so reposting it isnt going to help

    my hard drive is set up correct because wiiflow recognizes my gc and wii games I used the cluster 32 when formatting.
    for some reason my wad files arent downloading to the system i tried several different ios and they all say successful even just putting a channel on the main screen nothing shows up.
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    Post a SysCheck so I can see if your cIOSs are all good.


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