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Thread: need help with dios mios

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    need help with dios mios

    I modded my wii a few years back and just found out that now we can play gamecube games from the hard drive so I updated my wiiflow got the d2x-cios that all worked but I cant get Dios Mios to install it says use
    d2x v8 base 56 I didnt see that as an option in wad manager and I dont seem to have IOS 236 anymore so I donwloader the Installer for IOS236 and every time I try to use that IOS it just freezes dont know if something needs to be done to that IOS or what. Please help thanks.

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    And thread closed (OP can review the guide --- read it --- read it ALL). Only if after completing the guide, if you still have issues then make inquiry within said guide.

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