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Thread: FTP and External hard drives question

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    FTP and External hard drives question

    Ok I have been looking on a lot of forums Wii,Ubuntu, and Windows.

    Things I know already: I know how to share files from Samba.
    -I can share an external hard drive on the Wii using Wii Mc and MPlayer CE.

    _ have been successful at setting up WiiVNC

    -but now- I want to share the external hard drive I have plugged in to the Wii with windows so I can still access them without having to unplug the external hard drive all the time. I want to be able to share these files with other computers in my homegroup network because there are also movies on there.

    -Of course I know you can make copies
    -Of course I know I can put the same file on other backup drives.

    -But I have seen a Wii-App for a FTP ..which means this may be possible to share the same external drive files plugged into the wii with a network I can access throughout my whole house on windows without having to unplug it constantly.

    This isn't any easy question as I have looked at so many other forums that it is so specific and technical, I figured that Wii-hackers would know better than any other forums so there you have it.

    Thank you for all you do here. I really appreciate your hard work here, guys.Seriously! Keep up the good work!

    *Oh also- I forgot to be more specific in that last post. I can share files from an external hard drive via Samba already on the Wii-media players that is plugged into a computer. (I want to do the reverse now) share the Wii external to my computer maybe using FTP???
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