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Thread: Having trouble with my USB backups

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    Question Having trouble with my USB backups

    I recently softmodded my wii following the steps stated here:
    and everything seemed to work perfectly (after softmod is 4.1u), but I have recently had big problems with running my backups via USB.

    Sometimes when I try to use the USB Loader GX (even without any USB connected)
    will give me the error "Exception (DSI) occurred!, Stack Dump, and Code Dump Errors."

    When I use USBConfigCFG, USB Loader GX, Wiiflow or NeoGamma, sometimes I get "Exception
    (DSI) occurred!, Stack Dump, and Code Dump Errors."

    Sometimes when any of the apps load, it will fail to mount and/or freezes.
    If it works, it's when the file is in NTFS format and use .ISO backups, then the apps don't detect the content of the HDD
    (even though, is able to figure out the HDD's capacity, and how much it has available).
    If it works, and I use WBFS Manager 3.0, format the HDD, and transfer the .ISO (converting to WBFS),
    sometimes the app crashes, sometimes it succeeds mounting the HDD, and detects the backups on it.

    When I'm able to load the USB Loader GX, I cant move the pointer even though it shows up in the middle
    of the screen (no matter if I use a normal wiimote or a wiimote with wii motion plus). Meaning I can't
    navigate on it, and at some point, it freezes.

    When I'm able to load the USBConfigCFG, it detects the backups, but I can't navigate it either, and at
    some point, it freezes.

    When I'm able to load Wiiflow, it detects the HDD but not the backups.

    When I'm able to load NeoGamma, it detects the backups, and it either freezes trying to launch them, or
    it succeeds, gives me a green screen for a second, and then it either gives me the first white screen with the controller
    warnings and such and then it stops working (black screen), or in one specific case, (Zelda, Skyward Sword) it
    starts to show me a video of how to plug the wii motion plus adaptor (Even though I have wiimote with wii motion plus as
    1st controller as well as the normal wiimote as 2nd), I couldnt skip the video, and at some point, it freezes.

    The only things that work for me right now are:

    It plays physical backup copies using NeoGamma or If I use a flash drive (Kingston Datatraveler G2 16GB) with NTFS format, and Install the game to the
    flash drive using NeoGamma, the backup created works perfectly. But, if I simply put an .ISO file to the flash drive with NTFS
    format, the USB Loaders won't detect it.

    Size: 500GB
    Brand: Western Digital My Passport 3.0 500GB
    Model: WDBKXH5000ABK-EESN
    Enclosure: External HDD USB 3.0 with usb 2.0 compatibility

    My Wii Serial Number: LU52961687
    (1st generation with 3.0u)

    Also, When I try to access Homebrew Browser, it loads perfectly (took a while first time) but
    then, I can't move (like the wiimote doesn't respond or the app freezes).

    I'd like to know what I can do in order to make it work, if I'm doing something wrong, etc.
    Thanks All!


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    FAT32 is the recommended format to setup your external USB drive. Follow this guide:

    Also make sure your apps are up to date. If you used the app pack from the softmod any wii guide, they should be the latest stable versions.


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