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Thread: Wiikey Fusion Error help

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    Angry Wiikey Fusion Error help

    Sorry, I really don't know where I can post this, since I'm not really into hacking I just bought my wii with the Wiikey Fusion...

    I inserted the SD card, ran the "Gamecube" game. Then there were selections of the games and I needed to use reset to move and select the game I want. Then my genius brother came and pressed eject on the wii. The list was still there. I was really mad, but than he actually selected a game from the list and reset the console. After the console reset, I got the error screen (an error blah blah manual blah blah). Than I turned my wii off and turned it on without the SD cards inside. Everything worked. Than I turned it off and turned it on with the card and I got the same error message, about a few seconds after launchup. Than I tried a few more times and I kept getting error messages when I inserted the SD card. Than I deciced to format the SD card wia WFBS Manager and than I put on a few games again. I kept getting the error message. So, my wii keps getting the error message when I have the SD card inserted into the Wiikey Fusion slot. What should I do?

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    Try booting the wii without the sd card, then play a wii game from disc. Then see if you can set the sd card up again. Sounds like with the sd card in, the wii is trying to autoboot a game that is not there.
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    I booted the wii with the SD card and I ejected the disc before I got the error message. Than everything worked OK.

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    It sounds like the SD card then anything. What i try on doing is format the SD card and see if that helps if not and getting the same error try a different one.

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    Sounds like a 5 month old thread to me. Closing it.
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