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Thread: Wii Replacement DVD Drive Problem

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    Wii Replacement DVD Drive Problem

    I got a Wii that works perfectly except the DVD drive does not read disks anymore. Everything else works (like the apps and Wii store games).
    So I replaced the Wii drive with a new one, and it still does not read disks. What is wrong? Do I have to replace the logic board on the Wii drive like I do in the 360?

    Thanks a lot!

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    What did you replace --- strictly the optical bare drive or the accompanying PCB that's soldered to it?

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    No, I just swapped the broken DVD for the one that I got on Amazon.

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    I'm guessing you're saying bare drive? What kind is it (ie pre D4/D3-2 or)? It won't read retail discs or backups --- or neither? Moved your thread out of the lounge (TY, Pob lol).

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    No, my Wii will not read any games, Gamecube or Wii games!

    So I got a drive that says "Nintendo Wii Compatible D2A D2B D2C D2E Drive for Wii drive replacement" and my Wii is model RVL-001

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    That doesn't necessarily rule out your drive being a D3-2/D4 unit. However saying that, if you're using your existing PCB (you are, aren't you --- if the answer is "yes," then that would mean you unsoldered and resoldered it to your new bare drive --- please observe this statement and confirm or deny) and it read backups prior...

    If it's a D3-2/D4 PCB it would ONLY read original/retail discs. Here let me illustrate --- does the PCB look like the one on the left or right:

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    Well for now I am just trying to play original games and it is not even doing that

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    How do you know it's your drive? A bad attempt at a softmod could also yield that kind of result. Post a SysCheck as a reply to this thread --- both directions and the specific program can be found HERE.

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    Well, I bought it used and I cleared everything and the SD card as well!

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    I feel that you are making no effort, and soon this thread will be closed. I am also wondering as to whether I should call you smashdude or not...

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