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Thread: Unsupported Resolution when playing VC games

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    Unsupported Resolution when playing VC games

    Hello everyone, I've searched the site for quite a while now and haven't found anything really close to the problem I'm having.

    I have a 4.3 soft-modded wii. I've got my usb drive formatted to FAT32 (32 cluster). I dumped my nand and injected wads of some virtual console nes and snes games, but when i try to play them on my emu nand through usb loader gx i just get a black screen. When i press the home button the menu comes up and i can see the game in the backround. I've tried to Z + A + 2 method in the operations menu but have had no success. Is there any setting i can change either though usb loader gx, or by changing something in the emu nand to get the resolution to change?

    edit: I'm also using a composite cable on a 55" Insignia HDTV
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