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Thread: Still can't get md5summer exe to open. Can anybody help please

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    Still can't get md5summer exe to open. Can anybody help please

    hi. i've been trying for 3 days now to re-mod my daughters wii ver 4.1.
    I get through chapter 1 ok (except letterbomb wont open on the wii, but i'll come back to that and try again), but when ive dl'd the fles in Ch.2 and double click the mdsummer exe file my comp freezes.
    i get the message 'windows cannot acces the specified device, pat or file. you may not have appropriate permissions to access them'.
    Can anybody please help as it is now driving me mad.
    thanks for reading and any help of ANY kind would be greatly appreciated.
    actually, when i right click and select 'run as admin' i am now getting a box pop up for 2 seconds saying something like 'files with the ext md5 are not associated with md5 summer. Should i make the association?'
    and when i click 'yes' before it dissapears i then get the window to the 'verify' window opening for a second or so. when i click 'verify sums' the box opens for half a second but there is nothing there 9ie modpack 5 etc. but they are on the SD card??)then it dissapears, then i get the 'windows cannot access etc etc'
    Avast is telling me it is opened remotely and i have gave it permission to open in avast.
    Can anyone tell me why this is happening. I am proper confused

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    Letter Bomb is for system menu 4.3 only. Not sure but i think you need Banner Bomb.

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    mk2escort is correct. You will need to use bannerbomb, not letterbomb. And why are you on Chapter 2 of the guide if you havent even completed Chapter 1 yet? Thats not following directions very well...

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    you are right i thought letterbomb and bannerbomb were apps i could put on later. so thanks i'll try that now.
    do i need bannerbomb 1 and 2, or will ver 2 be ok?

    hi again guys. i just checked and i could see the bannerbomb icon/folder in the top left corner of the screen just as the hackmii or bootmii file was installing.
    i have the homebrew channel, it has always been there, but i cant see no bootmii.
    is it supposed to be visible on the homescreen/ system menu, or data management, or is it supposed to be invisible?
    hope this isn't a silly question

    as soon as i can get this damn wii working again i won't hassle you guys any more, i promise. you have helped me greatly in the past. if i could get my old username back you will see that i have donated under my old username parrian or parrian1804 but the email acct associated with it is no longer in use

    Pleas Use the EDIT Function.
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    There are one of 2 things that are going to happen.
    Either you are going to learn about the "edit" function and stop bumping posts continuously, or your posts are going to go into moderation.

    Please make your choice!
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    What Exactly are you trying to accomplish??

    The reason I ask, is because you seem to be jumping from thread to thread and with different problems.


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    Please heed our advice when we say USE THE EDIT BUTTON.

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    Yep, and "heed" too --- lol

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    I can't get my heed around your head, sir!!!! ))

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