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Thread: PAL Games load in Black and White

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    PAL Games load in Black and White

    I note sure if it's me or the Console which is US. but I swear a long time ago I played a PAL Game in full colored and not it's Black and White.. I upgraded with the latest recommendations about 7 months ago.. can anyone please help me out here my son is bugging me to play WWE 13 but the back up is PAL and I don't wanna have to try to get the NTSC Version just yet

    Thanks in advance

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    set your loader to display system default or ntsc and it should fix the problem

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    I have been looking for this answer off and on for 6 months. THANK YOU!!!!

    Google searching for "usb loader PAL non color" and "usb loader PAL no color" let me on a chase for hours and hours over half a year. Then I was just checking out the forum thread by thread. :-)

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    Thank you this solved one of my problems


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