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Thread: REPOST: force ntsc for pal ngc backup for wii still b&w (dios mios)

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    REPOST: force ntsc for pal ngc backup for wii still b&w (dios mios)

    reposting my original question because it was closed without solving my issue

    im sorry if you have to consistently answer stupid and lazy questions here but i exhausted all my efforts before posting my question..since the search feature doesnt point to any specific forum i decided to search this entire 6 page Gamecube forum global searches turned a ridiculous number of hits...i didnt see any answers in the gamecube forum..i saw one post that was shut down due to piracy violations but it still didnt answer MY question since i had already tried the suggestion

    the guide that you provided was read through when i installed dios mios 2.10 last week....youll have to excuse me if i passed over the answer...i have reread and still dont see an answer...maybe you can point to the section i need to reread...i did my research and came with my hat in hand looking for an answer

    please dont assume everyone is lazy or stupid and looking for an easy answer...i have been at this question for over 2 hours now on and off this site and still came up short

    the original question
    hi guys...i have a NGC PAL backup for my soft modded 4.1U Wii...i use the latest DIOS MIOS to play off the plays black and white...i went into the games settings and tried to force ntsc and force ntsc still plays b&w...i have forced some PAL Wii backups and had luck, but this is the first time i tried a PAL GC game

    do i have any other options...backing up an ntsc version isnt possible right now

    the original thread

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    You question is probably best to be asked in the dios mios thread rather than in a thread all by itself. You are more likely to be able to get help from people there.

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