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Thread: System Update Question

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    System Update Question

    Hey guys. I've been on this site since around 2010 now, but I've only had a question now, so I signed up, so hello!

    Anyway, I have a concern about system updating from 4.2U.
    I just (finally) got Skyward Sword and I really want to play.
    I don't have Priiloader, and for whatever reason I can't install it (I think it's because I have a SDHC card)
    I also wish to run Netflix.

    I digress, my question is; Can I just do the standard system update? I know it will get rid of my homebrew material and my softmod, but honestly, I don't use it a whole lot so I don't care that much. I just want to know if it will brick my Wii.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    so you're too cheap to spend $7-8, huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    so you're too cheap to spend $7-8, huh?
    I don't understand.

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    I wasn't asking where to get an SD card, I asked if updating will brick my Wii.

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    Is there a way to just uninstall the soft mod or something? I won't have a way to get out to Walmart or anything till at least Wednesday, to be honest, and I'd really prefer not waiting that long.

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    I hear what you were asking, but you're not wanting to hear what I said. Updating to 4.3 has in some cases resulted in a brick (even on a non-modded system). What you're telling me is you're too cheap, impatient, or lazy to do it the right way.

    You want choices? Do the softmod and do it right (the MOST safe way). Accept the update and cross your fingers. Or you can do this which carries risk as well. So which one is it on your part --- of sentence #3 in the first paragraph?

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