My GameCube Memory Card recently became corrupted and I was wondering if there was anyway that I could fix it and not lose all my save files. (All the GamCube Game saves were my wife's and she is now pissed. lol) Here's what happened:

My memory card has been working fine on my non-softmodded Wii when playing GameCube games. I then softmodded my Wii using the Softmod Any Wii Guide and everything went perfectly. Next I installed the latest version of USB Loader GX, Devolution and Dios Mios using their respected guides and again everything went perfectly. Where I started to see a problem was when I loaded up Mario Party 7 in USB Loader GX via Devolution. I was using a real GameCube Memory Card in the slot so I made sure that No More Memory and Emulated Memory Card options were set to off in settings. But when I tried to load my game save in Mario Party 7, it said that the file was corrupted and that it was going to fix it. After it "fixed" the save there was nothing there. It was then that I decided to use GameCube Memory Manager v1.4 to back up my saves. I did a raw dump of the memory card as well as backed up each save file to my SD card. I then did some more experimenting and noticed that all my game saves are corrupted whether I try to use DIOS MIOS, Devolution or the retail disc. Sometimes when I go into the Wii Menu and look at my GameCube saves in there it says the card needs to be formatted. I've tried formatting then restoring my raw save using GCMM but nothing works.

So to make a long story short, is there any app that I can use on the Wii which will scan my GameCube Memory Card and fix any corrupted saves? Or any Computer program that I can use with my backup saves which will scan and fix my saves and then I can transfer back to the memory card? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.