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Thread: CIOS Error

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    CIOS Error

    Im currently trying to install the vba gx channel installer, yet it says i need IOS58. I went to cios installer and i got error -1305. I tryed to fix it by running DOP-Mii and installing IOS36 w/fakesign yet that still gives me an error in trucha bug thing. im still a noob and i have the original model for the wii. when i get the error on vba gx, it says to reinstall the homebrew channel, yet i tried to install it with ios yet it failed :( im kind of out of options people please help?

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    Like the installer said, you need IOS 58 to use it. If you follow our Softmod ANY Wii guide (link in signature) you'll have all the IOSs and cIOSs you need

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    Ok i hope it works :]

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    One question, where does it say IOS-Update. i tried it and couldnt find it out and it wouldnt let me update to 58

    oops, somehow by accident i did it xD
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    Next time, use the "edit" button found below your post (um, like the rules say). Thanks for understanding.

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